We have so far conducted 19 OD interventions including the one’s related to cultural change . As OD interventions envisage , we conduct diagnostic service and research into existing context and bridge the gap by devising strategies ,action research ,action plans, getting the feedback and evaluate the intensity and results.


Our process consulting services are limited to HR processes, where in we audit ,find out gaps, clients reasons for dissatisfaction and carry out the process. We do modifications by partnering with HR heads and Business heads. Also we share best practices ,process design and help the HR heads in implementing new processes for speedy ROI.


We understand the business process and DE functioning of entities. Our expertise in EKS facilitate us in identifying the bottleneck (de-central problem) in any context and to create a strategy for de-bottlenecking whether it be business or a functions or be an individual (owners/promoters)

This bottleneck oriented strategy help number of business owners in coming–of-red.

To multiply the turnover also we offer consulting in managing the change individual level to total organization level.

We apply two of the unique models with best of results.

We also assist the organization in implementing the changes they plan.


Most performance management systems leave some employees dissatisfied at the end. The organization have either the Performance Management system which stresses the individual employees to the extent the elastic breaks or the organization have the goals which even complacent can attend to and still demand a higher position and higher compensations.

The balance requires understanding business imperatives and result area which can stretch the individuals strengths to optimal extent and we are capable of reading the need for balance design such a system.
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