Executive search

We displayed our expertise in identifying unique strength and passionate purposes of and for people we created profiles for people indicating where they would succeed and where they would not.

We identified the cultures which are/will be fertile/barren for professionals with particular profiles. We test the  profiles of candidate and organization which are conducive to different cultures and different levels of Emotional Intelligence.

We pride ourselves in understanding the time schedules within which positional gaps with in the structures need to be attended to.

With our behavioral science background and testing background along with domain expertise we are a unique organization placing the team in place on a decided time frame. We executive search firm from India endeavor to take the challenges in testing profiling ,selecting and placing the candidates conducive to your culture in an independent ,fair and ethical manner.

Industry Verticals

Our research, coupled with the comprehensive market intelligence, paved the way in a industry verticals to place the candidates stuck to the jobs for over a period of Five years minimum and continuing still.

Understanding the specific terms of code of ethics, management style, hiring practices and compensations norms, we at Strategy Inc provide specialized HR consultancy services and value added services and recruiting solutions to our clients.

Over the progressive span of our existence unlike many other HR agencies, we offer specialized services in following industry verticals:
  • Financial Services & Consulting
  • Consumer & Services
  • Power & Energy
  • Automobile
  • Manufacturing & Processes (Oil & Gas, Steel, Cement, Optic Fibre, FMCG…etc.))
  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering(Process Automation , Oil & Gas)
  • Human Resource
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Information Technology
In tune with industry-specific practices, we have the required flexibility and network of resources to satisfy the various requirements of the businesses we serve.

Our HR team's expertise across verticals, in-depth knowledge of people & cultures and intrinsic networking skills has made us a preferred HR consultancy firm for leading corporate across the world.