Open Programs

We conduct the following open programs

Public programs:

1. Find Your Passion and purpose

Quite a few of us live monotonous lives habituating ourselves and going through the movements and moments mechanically.

We have experienced in dialogues which professionals and entrepreneurs, who spent 15 years to 25 years in their respective life-areas, as to whether they are in correct profession or business? And when we question them about why they are doubtful – common reply has been that whatever they are engaged in right now does not energize them.

There are scores of people who feel unconnected, uncomfortable, uncommitted and lonely, yet sticking to.

2. Persuade and Influence Others easily

We all try to change others and fail almost all the times. There are two reasons for this failure :
  1. we look forward to permanent changes in others
  2. we base our ability to change others on patience rather than right techniques.
This program of 7 hrs helps you in :
  1. identify your inhibiting patterns and change them so that you succeed influencing
  2. enable to learn to look for small and temporary changes which build over a period of time when influencing " becomes easier”
  3. empower you through the techniques in persuading and influencing”

3. Understanding and Sorting Out Relationships

Relationships have their own rules and our personal rules get in the way and this has impact on close as well as working relationships , quite often we are not able to measure the damaging elements in the relationships and often blame others responsible for the crisis or mess.

We enable you to objectively diagnose where ,how and who play the extent of damaging role.

The program guarantees confidentiality for the participants and all those interested in enhancing the relationships whether they are client-supplier, superior–subordinate, spouse-spouse, boyfriend-girlfriend, parent-child ,friend–friend relationships.

There are three purposes of this program:
  1. Understanding what really goes into the relationship
  2. Diagnosing and repairing the relationships that are approaching dead ends
  3. Making the average relationships excellent

4. Attain the ultimate self confidence :

Feelings of inadequacy often internally results in increased self doubt,, increased feelings of anxiety ,worry ,fears and introversion . Externally it leads people to circumstances , situations, other people for their failures. The right step is to gain ultimate self confidence which is a product of self esteem .Low self exteem is certain thinking and feeling patterns which can be broken by re- programming the mind. During this workshop we focus on changing the beliefs and patterns which are disadvantageous. We will facilitate you to fill your self with self worth which gives rise to self confidence.

5. Emotional Intelligence

The students after finishing their graduation and post graduations do face challenges during and after their entry into corporate world, find problems in coping with new environment where emotional intelligence works more than IQ.

The wide difference between learning in colleges and corporates throws up a challenge . In corporates it is more of experiential and self directed learning compared to the coaching and guidance .

Emotional Intelligence includes non-technical skills ,abilities and competences required to function in a specific employment and environment also it is helpful in playing a team member or a leader and to confirm to cultural norms of the workplace. Mere having a good academic record may not necessarily going to get the job.